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I’ve recently added a Related sites page, here you’ll find links to websites that I’ve found interesting about the ethnicity debate in mainstream media, go on, have a peep

As you all know, I’m running this campaign for a final semester university assignment, that being said, it would be super fantastic if this campaign garnered enough traction to actually achieve it’s goal. A major production at the Sydney Theatre Company with a multicultural cast. I’ve gotten into touch with STC via Twitter and am awaiting a response, will blog about it when I receive one.

In other news, the course that I’m running this campaign for has given us one week before we have to write our experiences up into a critical reflection, there is no doubt that I will continue running this campaign after the assignment due date has passed, no matter how busy I become I’ll always work towards achieving what I’ve set out to do. Some of my classmates have campaigns similar to mine, I’m going to provide a link here to their websites, happy reading:

We Give a Damn – Step-by-step on how to become more involved with your local community.

South West is Best – I live in the South West and there’s so much bad rap in the media about my area that hardly anything positive receives coverage, my friends over at South West is Best are aiming to promote a better image of us Westies.

Women in Theatre – Self explanatory. Gender inequality has to be one of the most pressing issues of our time, get behind it.

The Discrimination is Project РFascinating project on discrimination.

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