Sydney Theatre Company Twitter Response

I wish I lived in England. More specifically, I wish my parents had migrated there after the Vietnam war.

These are some of the plays I’ve regrettably missed out on seeing because of geographical constraints.  The Fu Manchu Complex by Daniel York and The World of Extreme Happiness by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, Yellowface by David Henry Hwang and Lucy Kirkwood’s Chimerica.

But alas, what can I do until I finish my godawful media degree and start earning some decent dough to travel. I’m just quietly rocking back and forth with my knees tucked into my chest until The Colour Blind Project resume activity in Australia post-2013.

After tweeting to Sydney Theatre Company to check out this blog, I received the following response:


I was directed to a page that instructed me on the opportunities a playwright have in getting their play produced. I’m not a playwright, which means a total of 20 seconds was spent reading my posts. I don’t want to submit an entirely new script, I’m just suggesting a stage play be produced with a multicultural cast. I can’t say I expected a  lengthy, detailed response, it’s not exactly a rejection either so I guess that’s a promising sign. It’s going to be a journey, but the support and feedback I’ve received from people I’ve never even met is incredibly satisfying.



3 thoughts on “Sydney Theatre Company Twitter Response

  1. Hey. Only just replyting now because I’ve been up to my neck in it. Is this definitely going ahead and is the guy “fully” Caucasian (no Maori blood or anything) ? We could start a Twitter campaign. It will certainly embarrass them/ Let me know how you feel about it but in the meantime well done for being a voice on this.

  2. That is a shame. It’s great to know that STC accepts playwriting submissions, but unfortunately the problem goes beyond which plays are chosen – perfect example being (as you have already pointed out) the casting in The King and I. They need to start looking at the automatic casting of caucasian actors for any role unless it specifically states ‘non-caucasian.’ And even then – The King and I…

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