Just a brief post today, this isn’t theatre-related but related nonetheless. Nicolas Cage discussed his latest movie, Chinese period drama, ‘Outcast’ with Hollywood Reporter and touches on the dearth of roles for Asians in America.

“I hope that we will see more Chinese actors in American cinema too. We do see Gong LiZhang Ziyi and Chow Yun Fat, but it’s very rare to see the Chinese male actor in Hollywood movies, which is something I take great umbrage with. You know, my son is Asian. He may want to direct one day; he may want to be an actor like his father — and I want that to be open to him. So I want to make some kind of effort to see more of that happen in Hollywood.”

It’s heartwarming to see that he’s looking out for his son’s future in show business and upping the ante of  roles for Asian actors in Hollywood. This almost makes me forgive him for his involvement in 2006’s godawful The Wicker Man

The full interview can be accessed here. 



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